Our Solution

GWH supports foreign investors in their enterprises in Middle-Europe with individual consultancy, active attendance and services on trust basis from real-estate transactions over discrete purchases at art auctions to hospital treatment in specialized clinics and even more private matters, to just name a few of GWH services in this field.


GWH offers made to measure consultancy and active services for foreign companies and private persons in a practical and cost effective way.

GWH has comprehensive experience and numerous contacts in Middle- and Eastern Europe and is familiar with the country-specific characteristics and different mentality.
Based on this GWH is able to answer the basic questions already in the stage of preliminary considerations in a fast and effective way thus giving a reliable foundation for policy decisions.
To facilitate first steps GWH is open for consultancy in single issues and in case of spontaneous ideas (which sometimes are the best) - even without comprehensive mandate.

GWH is able to check innovation-, marketing- and product-ideas with respect to the situation in Middle- and Eastern-Europe and comment in a short-term evaluation to support further decisions.

GWH can develop a feasible strategy specific to the product and to the company’s requirements together with the foreign company, GWH being a creative and constructive partner.
Necessary advisors in specific fields will be coordinated and integrated in a sustainable project focussed on practical use, avoiding the dreaded jigsaw-puzzle of various experts working on one subject.

The way GWH works is to structure all activities in modular sections with an accurately defined result which is useful for the foreign company even as a part-result.
GWH guarantees full transparency, the foreign company thus gaining access to all the project- and market-related information worked out.

GWH supplies her infrastructure and experienced personnel allowing the foreign company the execution of all necessary measures up to the installation and remote-controlled management of a branch or subsidiary.
GWH consulting and services enable the foreign company to follow their Middle- and Easter-Europe interests with a minimum of capital lockup and reasonable costs and to switch to own structure and personnel later at an adequate turnover.

GWH is experienced in planning of new and reorganization/optimization of existing industrial plants and develops strategies for smooth embedding of partners and suppliers.
GWH works out programs for the simulation of economical and technical processes prior to the actual start of production as well as trainee-programs for management-, administrative- and working-personnel.

GWH can monitor, analyse, explore and report on competitor’s activities, market trends, political and social changes, work out updated figures, inform on risks and consequences of projected measures, conduct preliminary talks, scan prospective partners and show alternatives.

GWH always keeps independent, maintaining absolute confidentiality and strictly pursues the interests of her clients.