The Situation

Foreign investors have great difficulties to clarify the fundamental questions and future aspects of their activities. Middle Europe is not very large but very diverse in respect of mentality, legislation, economical and political development, security and further important aspects.

Thus expensive misinvestments and sometimes a time- and money-consuming withdrawal are pre-programmed.


Foreign companies which are interested in the European Market find great difficulties to already answer the basic questions which are essential for the first and fundamental decisions in a fast, cost saving and reliable way.

Thus important landmark decisions are not taken, postponed - or even worse - decided upon dubious or insufficient information. Under these circumstances important chances are missed.

Simple consultancy services are not sufficient for a foreign company in an unknown market. The assignment of personnel and funds can not be reduced considerably and problems in connection with language and mentality are not solved.

The foreign company is not able to coordinate the expert advisors required in different disciplines
across frontiers and language borders in a way that leads to a reliable overview over the given situation or a sustainable concept for future activities.

This is why most of the medium sized companies are worried because of the incalculable risks and expenditure in personnel and funds in a foreign market.

The consequence is, that foreign markets usually are served together with importers or by individual sales. With this strategy the foreign company has no influence on pricing and no possibility of adjustment of their products to the given or future needs of the market. The foreign company has no opportunity to study the mechanisms of the market and will always stay dependent on others.